Alcedo handcrafted canoe paddle
Alcedo handcrafted paddle
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Wet Weim paddles on the wall
PAINTED paddles - built for bright and memorable paddling occasions complimenting your interior.

Traditional "Beaver tail" type, Alcedo name comes from azure-blue bird, also known as Eurasian Kingfisher. Inspired by bright colours, white and dark stripes, this paddle is solid ash from handle to the very tip of the blade. Beautifully crafted shape with unique ash texture is a truly eye catching combination.
Wood has oil finish.

Wet Weim original logo burned on the blade.
Palm-grip handle has oil finish for a better grip and comfort.

Artisan Painted Canoe Paddles are perfect for gracing your interior walls serving well as heritage design pieces for your homestead.

Comes with two wall mounts.

Manufacturing lead time: approx. 2–3 weeks

Wood: Ash
Avg. Weight: 0,9 kg
Length: 152 cm
Shaft: 72 cm
Blade dimensions: 68 x 13 cm
Finish: Oiled