Private guided canoe trips on request


Whatever the size of your group is, engaging, fully adjustable tours of Wet Weim Adventures is a great option for a group and solo entertainment. Because of different clients’ interests, we customize experiences for each client – our private tours are never same! Here are some examples of private tours that can be arranged:
- Three couples starting their trip as a classic "Birdwatch" tour ending at the award winning fish restaurant "Šturmų švyturys".
- A group of friends exploring Curonian Lagoon on a three day long trip.
- Evening torch paddling tour across Neris river in Vilnius.
- A father and son fishing.
- A corporate team building tour for small IT company.
We recommend to clients that they check out our guided tour descriptions to get a picture of what they might like to experience, and we mix and match from there, adapting to their interests.

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